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Hemp wool and heat insulating panels  Vicarius Canna Flex

Hemp wool and heat insulating panels Vicarius Canna Flex




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Hemp wool and heat insulating panels Vicarius Canna Panel

Hemp wool and heat insulating panels Vicarius Canna Flex

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Conductive insulating materials

Hemp insulation has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection properties, thus adequately competing with conventional insulations. On the other hand, hemp insulation has unique natural properties contributing to a healthy living climate.


* Hemp is the oldest cultivated culture that has been used by our ancestors for centuries;
* The thermal insulation qualities of the hemp insulation are characterized by heat conductivity coefficient λD = 0,040 W / (m.K);
* The specific hemp capacity of the hemp is twice as large as mineral insulations (c = 1600 J / (;
* Hemp fibers have the unique ability to absorb and release moisture;
* Due to the high permeability and conductivity of moisture, hemp insulation keeps the health and microclimate in the home without bacteria, molds and other microbes that induce allergies and many other health problems;
* Hemp insulation retains its shape even under very humid conditions;

* Hemp wool does not lose its thermal insulation properties even at humidity 20%;
* Its surface is smooth and its application does not require protective means, without any risk of irritation of the skin or the respiratory system;
* Offers wide use in roofs, floors, interior and exterior walls;
* The production process is not demanding from an energy point of view and does not harm the environment;
* Holds European certificates of origin and quality.

Vicarius Canna Flex - Flexible panels

* Insulation panels for walls, ceilings and roofs. Their main advantage lies in their excellent ability to guard against cold, heat and noise. The raw material used for this durable material is industrial hemp - a fast-growing one-year-old plant.

* Made of hemp, binding fibers and salt, which improves the fire resistance of the material. This insulating material does not contain any harmful additives.

Price: Vicarius Canna Flex with density 35-40 kg / m3  50mm - 20,00 lv / sq.m . sq.m. The prices are without transport but with VAT!

Vicarius Canna Panel - rigid insulated, breathable panels made of hemp

Ideal for external or internal insulation of peripheral walls during construction or repair.
* Innovative sound insulation provides the best protection for all facade walls.
* Protect from mold and mold.

Price: Vicarius Canna Panel with density 100 kg / m3

 The prices are without transport but with VAT!

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