Clay plaster with straw - TORCHIS

Clay plaster with straw - TORCHIS




Colorful clay PAINT - BADIGEONS

Clay plaster with straw - TORCHIS

Product Code: Глинена мазилка със слама – TORCHIS
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100% natural clay plaster with straw (type Kerpich), natural in color for outdoor and indoor use. Perfect solution for restoration of cultural monuments, old buildings, and addition of warmth in more modern homes. It is divided into 2 separate products (lining and finishing).

More Description:

Clay plaster with straw - HASTAR, is used on various external and internal surfaces: wooden beams, brick brick, stone masonry, straw, cane mat / panel, clay boards, and also on built-in heating, . Made of clay, long straw and various sands. It is applied to a thickness of up to 15 cm in several layers (standard 3) and is only available in a package of 1 ton - BIG BAG (for 15 m²)
Clay plaster with straw - FINISH is made of clay, shorter and thin straw and various sands. It is used to correct various, unevenness, dents and cracks in the walls and can be applied in thickness up to 5 cm in 2 layers. Packages: BIG BAG of 1 ton or 25 kg bags. Consumption: by thickness

Application: Lining - hand; Finish - hand / machine. Add 8 liters of water every 25 kg. Drying: 5-7 days. Operating temperature + 10 / + 30 ° C

Price: 46.00 BGN per 25 kg bag (Finish)

BIG BAG 1 ton (lining or finishing): 1045.00 lv

The price includes VAT and transport