ECO construction

 Eco house – this is a house build by environmentally friendly, natural and energy saving materials such as: wood, stone, straw, clay and etc. produced by our own technology. We proudly want to give you the opportunity to try it.

These Eco houses are not just some new fashion trend, but a conscious choice of the ideal house for you to live in.

  The insulation that these houses poses cannot be compared by anything else on the market. Therefore, heating comes way cheaper in comparison to other houses made by convenient materials. The walls of these green houses are “breathable” – 30% from the air inside the house is being circulate and refreshed on a daily basis, without losing heat. No water vaporization, no condensation on your windows, all these thanks to these breathable structure. Each house has its own micro climate inside of them. During the winter period is warm and comfortable, and during the summer period is cool and pleasant. 

Great attention has been drawn during the construction of these green houses as long as their future using period. We gladly offer you full maintenance for the house that we construct for you.

  Our company design and deploy reliable houses that do not require often repairs and it is easy and cheap to heat on. Our houses does not only have only unique appearance but a warm atmosphere, for you and for your guests. Last but not least, Eco house are good for your health.  

We will be glad to build your dream GREEN HOUSE!

People who cherish their health – cherish these GREEN HOUSES!

Be healthy!


Design and estimations


Individual projects

If you do not like our pre-define projects and you want something different, you are at the right place. Company « FavoritHome » is ready to offer each of you an individual solution.

The widespread opinion for such projects is that they are excessively expensive, but this has been proven wrong from the people who decided to make this first step.

Of course, there are many advantages when you build your dream house based on your own project:

* You can plan every moment of it

* You design it your own way, based on your taste and wishes

* You can change the type of the materials used

* You can also change the workflow procedure if you think that some of the steps are time or financial consuming.

* You can follow and participate in each step 

  We get into the smallest possible details throughout the whole project in order to correlate our thoughts and vision with you ambition and desire.

  The most important part of the project is not just to build a house in which you are going to live in, but to suits you. That is why at the beginning our representatives will make a survey,
in which they will try extract information regarding the:

*  Future tenants of the house

* For how long they are expecting  to use it

* How big it should be according their standards

* What kind of functionalities and features the house should poses

* How soon they want to move in

* How much money they are ready to spend on it etc.

The only think that you have to do is to trust us. Trust us and we will guarantee that no matter how big or small you investment is, the quality of work and materials used combined with our unique design and appearances will stay sharp in order to build your dream house. Our main goal is to make you happy, to create a long-term relation and cooperation that will please you.

Pre-defined house projects

These projects include all the needed information such as blueprints, construction stage documentation, architectural decisions, internal/external interior, appearance and many more. All of this will be discussed and present beforehand from our representatives.


Project steps:

  1.Architectural part (main information, roof plan, detailed specification of all the materials that will be used, measurements of windows and doors, vent shafts)

2.Construction part (groundwork plan, flat plans, roof construction documentation, details specification on distributive elements, pool construction stages, details and more)

3. Engineer part (internal engineer blueprints, heating, water supply system, electricity schemes, sewerage plan)

Please be advised that each project is for itself. Each project can be modified or changed based on the specific characteristics of the area. Our expertise team will have to determine which are the best possible elements and materials needed for building your dream house. For example, the construction of the fundaments can suffer some changes or the materials used on the façade of the house can be switch to others, which will be more suitable for the specified area etc.

  In cases like that you can always use the aforementioned option and build you house on individual project.


Repair and pre-deployment steps


  We offer you professional repairment of apartments, houses, offices and different industrial premises from start on to key handling.

We offer you fast and quality repairment for your real estate property. Thanks to our good willing approach and responsibility our company gain popularity among customers, who is cherishing qualities like Individuality, reliability and spot on quality of service.

We can transform the appearance of your property, by giving it cozier, prettier and unique appearance...

Why do we give you such guarantees? Because we are interested in a long-term cooperation with customers willing to invest into different construction options. Of course, we are trying to gain popularity among all types of characters and individualities and at the end to come up with a combine idea, which will satisfy not only us as service representative but also YOU as a pleased customer.


*Pre-deployment steps:

We offer pre-deployment services in apartments, houses, offices or any other industrial premises.

The pre-deployment steps can be separate into a two main categories:

*Interior pre-deployment steps

*Exterior pre-deployment steps

First category focuses on interior appearance of the property in comparison with the second one that aims to achieve more attractive appearance on the outside parts of the desired premises.

Pre-deployment stage can be classify as a finishing step of the whole construction procedure of your apartment, house, office or any other industrial premises. There is only one condition that should be met in order to achieve the desired perfection on your dream home and that is ... Quality work... Work that matters ... Work that cares for you and your wildest desires.


Our company guarantees impeccable finishing, whose prices defines a degree of material quality and difficulty of the tasks undertaken.

We understand that customers do not always have enough money for a high-quality repair and therefore realize a low-budget professional repairs. This does not mean that the quality will be reduced.Our secret is sincere attitude to customer and reasonable approach.

Our company guarantees impeccable pre-deployment steps. Values of which are measured by the level of the used materials and the work that was put into the project.

We understand that not all customers have enough financial resources for a high-quality repairment and therefore we provide a low budget professional repairment – in which we will not decrease the offered quality of work.

Our secret lays on loyalty.

Our company «FavoritHome» ensure that the pre-deployment stage will be performed on the highest possible level!