Among all the natural building materials, the straw is paid the least attention. Although it is proven by the fact that straw has excellent thermal insulation. That's right, straw is a light, inexpensive and high-quality heat insulator. Pressed straw coated with plaster or mixed with clay has a high fire resistance.
From straw, in combination with wood and clay, you can quite easily build a warm and durable eco house. And this is confirmed by the dismantled hundred-year-old straw houses, in which during the entire existence of the house the straw has not deteriorated.



This material is quite easily mined and opens up all sorts of options for architectural experiments with exterior and interior design of the room.
Clay has a number of excellent properties:


  1. 1. Low cost is a common material in nature.
  2. 2. If the clay structure is dismantled, then after soaking it can be reused.    
  3. 3. If the wood is in contact with the cement - it collapses, and if with clay, it is preserved.It has preservative properties.     

When mixing clay with straw, a sufficiently strong building material is obtained, called adobe. Samannoe Eco home construction is widely used in Europe, all projects are individual, as well as endowed with unique aesthetic appeal.

Adobe houses can not withstand high humidity, so there is a set of measures to protect the facades from rain and rains.

In addition, the clay can be added to the cement mortar for masonry, in order to improve its elasticity. Clay with sand is used when laying stoves. Rammed clay almost does not let moisture in and is used for clay castles in the construction and arrangement of ponds.


Wood - is the most affordable building material. Wood is a natural material and this determines the ecological purity of buildings created from it.

Well-treated wood can serve as an excellent composite material for the manufacture of structures, and they will perform their bearing functions much better than structures made of steel and concrete.

Among other things, the tree is an excellent heat insulator. Inside the log house is always the optimal ratio of humidity and air temperature, in such rooms it is easy to breathe, as well as comfortable and cozy in any weather.


Natural stone has a special aesthetic appeal due to the exquisite naturalness of the texture, its soft tones and semitones. The main difference of this material in high strength and durability. On a similar basis, stones can be divided into three groups:


  1. 1. Durable (gabbos, quartzites, granites)
  2. 2. Medium strength (marble, travertine, limestone)    
  3. 3. Low strength (tuffs and loose limestone)